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Mission Statement

​​Olami Launch is a groundbreaking new division of the Global Olami Foundation. The Olami Launch Fellowship Program was created for students who demonstrate a strong desire during their high-school years to grow as individuals and to truly unlock their Jewish greatness. The fellowship program provides high-level leadership training and professional development, five-star retreats and a trip to Israel for all of our hand-picked fellows. Olami Launch provides informational assistance, guidance and significant financial assistance towards their higher education and Israel gap year experience. Our participants will serve as the premier ambassadors for like-minded Jewish high school students around the country.

Utah Shabbaton

See all of the pictures and videos of the Utah Shabbaton

Israel Trip

See all of the pictures and videos of the Israel Trip


Fellowship Important Dates

Utah Retreat

Thursday October 27th - Sunday October 30th

Israel Trip

Thursday February 16th - Tuesday February 21st

Fellowship FAQs

The Olami Launch Fellowship Program is an unprecedented opportunity for outstanding high-school students. The fellowship will consist of 40 young men and 40 young women who have demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication to their Jewish growth and/or have assumed leadership roles in their local Jewish youth groups. Olami Launch Fellows will be provided with real leadership training and expert professional development, a five-star destination retreat, a trip to Israel, and up to $5,000 in tuition scholarships towards college and Israel Gap Year programs.

All Fellows will be awarded a $1,000 tuition scholarship towards the college of their choice.  Fellows will also receive an additional $4,000 towards select Gap Year programs in Israel and may be eligible for significant additional scholarship awards as well. 

For Men:

  • Aish Gesher
  • Derech
  • Kerem b’Yavneh (KBY)
  • Netiv Aryeh
  • Ohr Dovid
  • Sha’alvim
  • Mevaseret Zion
  • Torat Shraga
  • Yishrei Lev

For Women:

  • Machon Maayan
  • Meorot Yerushalayim
  • Be’er Miryam
  • Bnot Torah (Sharfmans)
  • Darchei Binah
  • Michlala
  • Midreshet Tehila
  • MMY
  • Sha’alvim for Women
  • Tomer Devorah

Olami Launch is not a youth group, it’s an elite group of driven individuals assisting each other to build a strong portfolio for their future. Joining this group enables you to make thoughtful decisions about your future, with like-minded peers who are on that same road leading to affluence inside and out! This prestigious network of model students who embody young Jewish leadership will be privy to professional, educational, spiritual and financial opportunities unlike ever before.

For the current school year of 2022-2023, Jewish high-school students in 12th grade may apply for the Olami Launch Fellowship.

All applications must be submitted through the Olami Launch website. Please go to for all information and applications.

All application must be submitted by September 1st, 2022.

This year’s Olami Launch Fellowship will officially kick off September 15th 2022.